Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

This is the view of the waters off of Provincetown, MA, also known as Ptown or P-town.

Here's pic of two poets throwing shade. 

Joseph Legaspi and me. Photo by his husband, David. (that Captain America shirt is my favorite T-shirt. I'd wear it all the time if I could.)

I was in town less than 24 hours, but it was just what I needed to fill my soul.

Last week was a weird week. Not good or bad, just weird, and Wednesday was the culmination of all the weirdness. My favorite bracelet broke. I was being evaluated in one of my classes, which went fine but bring brings its own energy to the day. Then I locked my keys in a coworkers office, and to top it all off, my car wouldn't start. Just a strange, strange day. 

I first went to Provincetown to study with Marie Howe last July at the Fine Arts Work Center (FAWC). I thought it was more hype than anything else. I mean, I live near a beach so going to the Cape didn't seem like a big deal. But being in Ptown with it's relaxed vibe and good energy did wonders for my writing. It did wonders for my soul. Marie says the waters around Ptown are restorative, and she's right. That good feeling I had last summer at FAWC lasted until March of this year, and then it was gone. I've been seeking it ever since. 

Fast forward to Saturday, when I left the weirdness behind and went to see my friends for a brief visit. As soon as I put my feet in the water, a part of me was home. In fact, the place Joseph and David rented was a stone's throw from FAWC. Thankfully, the words have come back. That part of me that wants to remain open and in communion with everything wants to write. There's a difference between wanting to write and making yourself write. So far, I've written three poems and three articles in the past 48 hours. 

I am not one to miss signs--I believe they are everywhere--and the whole of my being had been urging me to get back to Provincetown. I just didn't know it until I was there. 

With gratitude, I thank Joseph and David for my time with them, and for helping me restore my soul. What a gift! What a gift. 


Anonymous said…
I had a similar experience in Ptown this summer--so many poetry ideas in just a few days' getaway! (And I too have a Captain America shirt I adore, with jewelry to match courtesy of my good buddies at Emporium 32. I wear them lots.)

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