Confession Tuesday

(I don't even know what book this display is for. I just like Ella's big ol' head in the center.) 

Happy Tuesday, folks. Hope your week is starting out on a good note. 

Finally, things are beginning to level out. Fall has arrived. There's a chill in the air. The kids and I have found a groove to our school/work week. And, I feel as if I'm able to catch my breath--not that I'm any less busy. Well, it's either getting easier, or I'm better at navigating change. 


So I am on week three of using a Time Map. 

What's a Time Map, you ask? 

I've mapped out my Monday-Friday as a grid, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It helps me to figure out how best to use my time. If I was trying to figure out ways to save money, I'd figure out where I was spending it by creating a budget. Similarly, a Time Map helps me see where I have gaps in time, which I then fill with writing, or whatever else needs my attention. It's also helpful to see where I can fit in more grading. 

The Time Map is a fluid thing. If an unscheduled meeting pops up, or the kids want to do something I haven't planned for, it throws the entire day off. But, it's easier to see where I can make up the time. Something tells me I should post it so you can see what I mean. Will try to do that tomorrow.

Time Maps only work if you use them.


I am writing this post from Starbucks (yes, I budgeted the time in my Time Map).


Just picked up the latest Best American Poetry, guest edited by that genius Terrance Hayes! Over-the-moon happy for Terrance, Yona, and their beautiful family. 

I've enjoyed reading previous editions of Best American Poetry edited by Denise Duhamel and Mark Doty, so I'm looking forward to getting lost in the pages. 


I've starting working on the Juno poems. Thanks, Time Map!


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