Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks. I am writing with from the Gulu, one of the local haunts in Salem (pun intended). The picture is of three of my poet friends who asked me to join them at their table, but I'm so tired and unfocused today that I'm electing to be by myself. I need some quiet time.

Tonight is our workshop night, so I'll see them there. 


The past few days I've been working on my reappointment binder. For those not in academia, this is a collection of materials, from syllabi to assignments to everything I did last academic year. I known this was coming since May, but, of course, I waited until the last days to get it all together. It's done, turned in, probably needs revisions because I'm new to how departments work, but it's done.

I'm celebrating with a bowl of chipotle sweet potato soup.

Needless to say, I haven't written much. But I'm a little bored of writing pieces based on free writes. My third manuscript was created because I had time to free write. 

What I have been recently is jumping back into the Juno Larcom research, also known as book #4. The poems are there, I just have to write them, and they are calling. Maybe they've always called to me, but I hear them now, louder than ever before. 


A writer friend of mine created a five-year plan for her career. She's published a few fiction titles; I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a movie deal someday. Many of us have financial plans, and life plans, so why not plot out the goals and the steps it takes to get there? I may be making my own five-year plan in the near future.


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