Checking in

After a much-needed break, I’m back in the blogosphere with nothing on my mind but poetry. This break reminded me how much I enjoy being Poet Mom and running this blog. Lots of busy work going on behind the scenes here, here, and here on a project to keep the poetry love thang going once Poetry Thursday shuts down.


If you have been waiting for one of my extra-special poetry postcards, wait no more. Check your mailboxes this week for a special delivery from yours truly. Admittedly, I freaked out when I had to write so many new poems. And the ones I did mail came back returned (I really shouldn’t put my return address on a postcard.). If you’d like to receive a postcard in September, e-mail me at for more information.

I am bursting at the seams with all things poetry, so hold onto your hats—September will be a busy month.

Stay tuned.


Lisa Cohen said…
I'm so sad about the ending of Poetry Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what's next in poetry-internet-land. Enjoy the last of summer, January.
Writer Bug said…
I'm sad to hear about poetry thursday! i'll have to check the stie to see what's happened. Good luck on your new project(s)! And we need to plan our Sept. brunch!
January said…
Bug, I'm bummed about Poetry Thusrday, too. But the new project will keep that same community feeling--we hope. Thanks for the encouragement.

And we'll definitely have brunch in September.
January said…
Lisa, hope to see you this fall at a NEWS reading event. Enjoy the last of the warm days.
Anonymous said…
I am certainly going to miss Poetry Thursday. I have only recently discovered it and regret that I did not get an opportunity to participate in this wonderful poetic community.
Catherine said…
How about a postcard in October? - since I'll be busy trying to see everything there is to see in England and Scotland for all of September. I'm sure that will lead to a few new poems.
I may just e-mail you about it when I get back

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