Sunday Scribblings: Dear Diary

Dear Diary:

I know I can talk to you and you won’t judge me. Here’s a list of gripes I’ve had over the past few days.

  1. I’m not feeling creative. Even though I’ve been working through my Postcard Poetry Exchange, it’s tough writing so many first drafts in a short amount of time. The ones I have received are amazing, so I’ll be sure to post when I have a few minutes.

  2. I’ve spent so much time writing postcard cards that I’m not getting any sleep. Generally, my work day has been more stressed than normal so it takes a little more out of me by the end of the day.

  3. My commute back and forth to work also wears me down. On a good day, it’s 45 minutes one way. But on the not-so-good days—it could take more than 1.5 hours. I usually feel the pressure during the afternoon commute when I have to pick the kids up from day care. My kids are usually the last ones there. Jokingly, I tell my coworkers at the end of the work day that if I don’t leave now, the day care providers will leave my kids in a cardboard box by the side of the road. Of course that’s not true, but that’s how I feel if I don’t get there in time.

  4. Why can’t the Boston Red Sox play consistent baseball? Granted, they are the league-leading team in the American League, but don’t they realize the New York Yankees are only five games back? Fortunately, the Sox have a softer schedule than the Yankees so with any luck the Yanks will be out of Wild Card contention by October. I’ll feel better when we start planning our Yankees’ elimination party. (Sorry, if you’re a Yanks’ fan, you’ll just have to deal with it.)

    Diary, I have to say I’m thrilled that my husband and kids are not on the gripe list. Usually, they’re at the top. But we’ve all hit a nice little stride where the kids seem to be listening, and my efforts not to snap at them or cut them off mid-sentence is paying off. And, lately, Tim and I have managed to find a few quiet moments at the end of the day, which helps immensely.

    I wonder how others deal with stress points in their lives?

    Thanks, Diary, for letting me vent on this Sunday.


sister AE said…
Hi, January. Nice post, but I am particularly feeling that picture. It fits my last two weeks at work to a "T"!
Becca said…
My morning pages have been bearing the brunt of my angst about going back to school and other daily stress. I always hope that if I dump all that stuff onto the page, then my mind will clear out and let the creative thoughts move back in. It hasn't been working all that well for me lately!

Good luck clearing your mind~and life~of stress!
Anonymous said…
Sometimes one needs to vent. What better way other than the diary?

That is such a true sketch. I like!
Anonymous said…
Aaaah, someone else with a case of the blahs. I'm feelin' ya. I have officially hit my "end-of-summer funk," compounded by a few extra annoying things. This time of year is always a little tough for me for some reason.

Maybe we can try to help each other clear away the cobwebs! :)
Rob Kistner said…
January, listen, this is your diary.
1. Creativity is as the ocean -- tide in, tide out.
2. Sleep is overrated -- it's for those who are caffeine-intolerant.
3. Work at home -- this is the new millennium.
4. At least you're not a Cubs fan.
5. Be patient, hubby and the kids will get back on the charts.

Just having fun.. ;) I enjoyed your post. I am a Reds fan. It's been 4 decades since our days of glory.
Kamsin said…
I guess a diary is a perfect place to vent our stresses! I don't envy your commute, and maybe you don't need to be creative ALL the time, you manage it more of the time than most of us do!
Carolee said…
Rob's list is amazing! Maybe I need to have him re-write some of my journal entries ... or edit some of the things I tell myself. I think we've been blessed by a medicine man with a sense of humor!

here's my not-so-enlightened list on what to do with the need to whine:

* have a drink or two and put your feet up on your couch

* go out for drinks with a friend and put your feet up on the other bench in the booth

* get lost in a book

* go sit somewhere outside in silence without a phone, a list, a journal. nothing.

* order party favors for the anti-yankees parties (just don't tell me any more about it). AND send giant green big girl panties (green monsters) sent C.O.D. to yankees fans (except me, of course)

and some unsolicited advice ...
* use your commute for something productive ... could you use a tape-recorder to compose poems or brainstorm?

* start/end work earlier to avoid traffic?
January said…
Wow! What great responses.

PDW--You and Rob are just too funny. When it comes to the Red Sox, I am a Poet Mom on the edge! The Green Monster panties are inspired.

As for the commute, I'm as productive as I can be. I have an iPod and XM Radio, as well as NPR. Short of a recorder I have no lack on entertainment. I've even penned a few poems on the slow rides.
January said…
Rob, you are a breath of fresh air. What a great way to look at creativity. Tide in, tide out.

And I do work from home one day a week, which is the day I expect the kids and hubby to get on my gripe list again!

Thank you for making me smile today.
January said…
Jenn, the smoothies are on me this week!
January said…
Sister AE, I worked long and hard on my self portrait--can't you tell?


Becca, Gautami, Kamsin--I probably should write in my journal more often. And manage my time better. Good advice.
And, when the weekend comes, treat yourself to lunch and a movie. Alone or with a friend. Get comfortable. Keep cool.
jillypoet said…
Hey January! Sorry to hear you're feeling blue. HOWEVER, I am glad to hear you are feeling stuck because I am too. Isn;t it funny how hearing that other people are feeling the same crummy way you are makes you feel better? I just feel like less of a flop now. And, I gather from the responses, that it may well be the end of the season. And, ironically, I just posted about this very thing. And the tide came in my writing. Tide in. Let's get some poems out! Hope your vacation revs you up!

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