Poem for Poetry Thursday

If it's Thursday, there must be poetry!

Finally, the poems are returning. I don't have much to say other that I started out writing one poem and then wrote something completely different--I love it when that happens! Still working out my pronoun issues; but still, this week's poem is a decent first draft.

Also, feel free to check out my Postcard Poetry Exchange project.

Out of the Blue

I don’t believe in suddenly. Nothing happens
all of the sudden, as if I couldn’t hear
thunder before lightning’s rip-crack
or feel a tree split in two.
There are ions that flow in opposite directions,
but that’s not us. That’s not our story.
We course between pulses of rain-drenched leaves.
We bow under buttressing branches
outstretched and wanting,
always wanting.
Listen to our low-shaded song.
For some, barely a shimmer of light
exists between them. They subsist on rock-gut,
on life left over. No place of origin.
No memory of the time before the blue faded,
when a sudden breeze carried
the electricity of surprise.


Hi January,

I'm happy for you that the poems are returning.

I really like your 'Out of the Blue'. It seems true that nothings happens that way. There are always precursors and warnings.


January said…
Thanks Rose. I like this one, too.

It just feels good to write poems again.
Hello January! Glad you are back into poetry (as if you were ever really out of it!)

Fine poem. I like the postcard poem, too! Zhaqoob! (The word verification thingy sounds like something Captain Marvel would say before he blasts off, so, Zhaqoob!)
tumblewords said…
Really nice. Unusual words create a layer of elusiveness.
Clare said…
Terrific poem -- there is an electricity in it -- a wonderful intensity of life, emotion, and nature. And I love the line "they subsist on rock-gut, on life left over."
...deb said…

From title onward. I could read this over and over.
Constance said…
I really like this, it has depth. Do I also detect an undertone of anger? Very nice.
This is excellent, I like the something that runs through it, not quite understood or identified (electricity of course, but more than that)
For some, barely a shimmer of light
exists between them" ~

and I'm sure that their lives are so much poorer for it.

Great return to form ;)
Michelle said…
Creates an interesting mental place -- damp yet charged with the post-lightening ozone smell.

I particularly liked "Listen to our low shaded song."
January said…
Michelle, I like that phrase "ozone smell."
January said…
Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
Abzdragon said…
Moving. You have some great poetry :)
jillypoet said…
Man, January, this rocks! Your language and the rhythm and the cadence...wow! This is perfect! So tell me, what's your secret? What inspires you lately? How do you write with the two little ones? And who have you been reading lately? email me if you get a chance jillypoet@verizon.net

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