Postcard Poetry

My friend and fellow poet Joseph Legaspi (I’m linking to his first book, Imago, which comes out really, really soon!) has a project going with his circle of writers called Postcard Poetry. The idea is very simple: he sends a poem no bigger than the back side of a postcard to someone in his writers’ group.

He and I are starting to write postcards to each other. Here is his first card to me:

The poem reads (with no clue on the line breaks):

Begin with a peach, aflame,
suspended in the haloed air.
Then collisions, a series: high
speed train and cow grazing on
the grassy tracks. Ex-lovers in the
coatroom at an acquaintance's
party. A judge's gavel quieting
an unruly courtroom. And outside
in the blinding sun of a humid afternoon
how a green dress flutters from a flagpole
like these disparate images.

I wrote my first postcard poem and will be mailing it today. I’ll post what I sent this weekend—seems fitting that Joseph should be the first person to read it.

I’ve loved this idea ever since Joseph sent me Ted Kooser’s book, Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison. So I’m suggesting this to you. If you’re interested in participating in a Poetry Postcard Exchange, contact me at We’ll exchange mailing addresses and I’ll send you a brand-spanking-new poem on a postcard. The poem(s) you send me should be written by you just for me! (*smile*). Please let me know if I can post the card and the poem on my blog. Let’s keep it up for the month of August. Think of it as part writing exercise, part fun!

I loved receiving Joseph’s little gem in the mail. Looking forward to reading your postcard poems, too!


Anonymous said…
I wish I was poetic...this sounds like a lot of fun! I'll make sure I check in to see how it develops.
January said…
Oh, I bet you are more poetic than you think. And that's the beauty of the project. You can use whatever you write to spark something larger--a poem, a journal entry, anything!
leonie.wise said…
wow, that is such a neat idea! sadly, i am travelling for the next three months, with no idea where i'll be, or i'd love to participate.
January said…
Leonie, if the idea takes off I'll try it again for Nationa Poetrt Month in April.

If you change your mind, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you my address.
Anonymous said…
PP is fun. I did it with a friend a few year's back for a couple of months. She made an art installation out of them this year.
Catherine said…
I'd love to take part - as long as you're not expecting great poetry :) I'll send you address details by e-mail when I've caught up on some sleep and got my brain back
January said…
Woo hoo! Catherine, thanks for participating. No expectations for great or even good poetry. But I'm excited by the challenge.

(Note to self: must get more postcards!)
Odessa said…
i love this idea. count me in! i'll send you an e-mail of my address, etc. i'm a fledging poet though so it won't be great. btw, thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. i really appreciate it. ~odessa
Anonymous said…
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