Donkey on the Edge

(A Shrek movie reference)

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting this week. Suffice it to say that I'm worn out, which has not left enough time or energy to blog or write poems.


So I hope to get my second wind when I go home to Virginia to see my parents this weekend. Knowing me, I'll probably post something while I'm away. And I still have more postcard poems to write.

As for what ails me, I'm sure it's nothing that 26 miles of public beach can't cure.

See you soon.


wendy said…
don't forget sunscreen.....
Bug said…
you deserve a break! Enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
Just steer clear of any dead birds on that public beach. I'm just sayin'.
polka dot witch said…
be well.

get rest.

your public will be here when you get back.
Catherine said…
You'll probably end up writing poems in the sand :) Have a relaxing break.
Have a good time! (But don't go near the water).

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