Bio Notes

Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides has a great post of how to write a bio. From his blog:

Over on Facebook, I have a personal account with a bunch of poetry friends, as well as a Poetic Asides group with a lot of members. So yesterday I asked the published poets who are members to share a little bit of advice on writing those tricky little bio notes that poets are often asked to include with their poetry submissions to poetry journals and magazines. The response was overwhelming. I'm just now digging out of all the great advice.

Speaking of which, I'm due to update my bio and author photo.

But I try to keep it to relevant, current information, 50-75 words. I try to keep personal info (where I live or mentions of family members) unless it's warranted.

So, any tricks to writing a decent bio? Do you have a professional bio and a tongue-in-cheek version for trendier publications and Web zines?


Barbra Sundquist, Bio Writer said…
I agree that writing a professional bio can be tricky. I think most people find it difficult. I have a website called that has fill-in-the-blank templates for various types of professional bios. Your readers might find it helpful.

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