Confession Tuesday

This is the vacation version of Confession Tuesday. Yes, The Confessional is open to lighten your load. Tell us anything and everything you wish to share, and I will add your name to our list of weekly sinners … eh … saints.

We are staying with Tim’s family at a beach house next to an inlet, walking distance to the beach. When the last of the family members arrive in a day or two, there will be 25 adults and kids under one roof! But so far, so good—good weather, good food, good kids. OK, great kids. And the weather has cooperated so we’re clicking on all cylinders. One big-ass happy family.


Unfortunately, I’ve been plagued with something I can only term as insomnia. I’ve never has it before, but I’ve been awake for almost two days straight. And, my sinuses are killing me. After I post, I’m taking some medicine and calling it a day.

This vacation always signals the beginning and end of summer for me. The weather is so unpredictable until this week, and then it’s over.

Today was a perfect beach day. I managed to get through the first outing with my new suit (no pictures to post, thank you).

As for the poems, they are coming—thanks to my lack of sleep. Hope to post by the end of the week. My goal is to claim my all-important me time to finish pieces I’ve started and revise some completed work.

True confession: Anticipating a need for me time, I mapped out, in advance, the closest route to Starbucks.

Still have to write a poem about trash for an upcoming video project. Trash, what a topic!
Enjoy the rest of the week!


Anonymous said…
so glad there are poems. so glad.
Kay said…
I'm with you on the 'me' time - no matter how much I love the company of family and friends, I have to incorporate some 'me' time or I begin to shrivel and die.
chicklegirl said…
Yay for writing again after a break! Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing, although it takes a toll after too long.

Looking forward to our family vacation at the end of August, but until then... my confessions.
JimK said…
confession: I've been ricocheting
around in styles a bit much. New
responses are getting me more
focused though. Some things I'll
just have to do more as the odd
lark. Movin' on time.

response: Your nasal problems are
extremely common around here. Some
study found that about 80% were
fungal. The spores (in the whole
area!) can annoy whether or not
the infection comes. I have a
good honk after lotsa cayenne on
dinner. Cayenne beats antihist
and decongest for me, in fungi
season. My wife has a saline
nasal rinse. Saline nasal mist in
the shower is the lowest hassle
way. Pills don't do much, or the
decongest. aggrevates insomnia.
Good luck.
JimK said…
comic relief on writer's block:
odessa said…
i'm sorry to hear about the insomnia, its so annoying sometimes especially when you just reall, really want to get some sleep. at least you've written some poems because of it.

ah, i miss those big family gatherings! they used to drive me crazy but now that i'm so far away from my family, i crave it so much. especially during summers. enjoy the rest of your va-cay!
January said…
Thanks Odessa.

This has been a good vacation for the family. Good to get away from it all.

My sleep problems have resolved themselves and I'm counting the minutes until I can get to a Starbucks.
January said…
Thanks, everyone, for the kind words.
Jennifer said…
Jan, your little slice of heaven looks so beautiful. Hope the weather is still holding up for's an absolute deluge here.
Miss you-
January said…
Miss you, too, Jenn. See you tomorrow.


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