Confession Tuesday

It's the last Tuesday in July and--don't tell me--you have much to confess. Well, feel free to enter The Confessional and unburden yourself. Tell us a few things you would normally keep a secret. Go on. You know you want to.

This is the first real harvest of our first vegetable garden. What’s not pictured are hefty amounts of lush basil, oregano, parsley, mint, and carrots. Also not pictured are these light green jalapeƱo peppers that Tim swears are the hottest peppers he’s ever tasted.


Back from vacation. I really enjoy spending time with Tim’s family (I’d have to with so many people under one roof). But I end up doing as much work on vacation as I do at home. Ask my husband, and he’ll say something like, “I get so much rest on vacation. I love not having to watch the kids for a week.” What he don’t seem to get is that I pick up the slack watching out for the kids, especially Ella, as well as doing an inordinate amount of laundry, housecleaning, and food prep. Drives me freaking crazy, almost to the point of pulling out of next year’s vacation.


My toes have four half-coats of dark pink nail polish on them because I’m too lazy to remove the previous layers.


I’m keeping my confessions short this week so I can work on a poem. Yes, I’m writing again. The goal? Five poems in five days. If I can finish it tonight, I’ll post it. But I tend to write into the wee hours. I’m just happy that I’m writing again.


I have fallen asleep twice trying to finish this post. It’s not even 10:30 p.m. yet. How sad is that?


Deirdre said…
So far my only garden harvest has been basil, but the tomatoes are coming along nicely.

I think women in general, and moms in particular, have different needs for vacation. Maybe next year somewhere exotic without kids?

I'm completely done long before 10:30. No writing ever gets done that late because I'd have to delete it all in the morning anyway.
chicklegirl said…
I completely understand what you are saying about vacation! I always feel like I need another week off after we get home just to recover from a trip. And guys? Sometimes. They. Just. Don't. Get It.

Your veggies look delish! We got our first tomato last week and it was small but so flavorful. Yum.

Here's my confession.
odessa said…
working with kids myself, i can only imagine the chaos. hats off to all you moms, i don't even know i'm for it.

p.s. i joined the confessional this week. here's mine:
Kay said…
very honest and boy can I identify with the holiday honesty - takes me back to holidays with my husband's extended family ... and the feeling that 'this is no holiday'!!!
WriterBug said…
That stinks about not getting to relax on vacation! Can T pick up some slack next year? If I were you, I would not be going back if I couldn't figure out a way to make it a real vacation!

nice veggies tho! That's awesome.
Anonymous said…
the hard thing for me about vacation is the lack of "me" time. it sounds selfish, but it's not. in order to survive each day and have anything at all to give others, i need some time all alone. it's just a fact. it's who i am. maybe next time you could work in some planned ahead jan-time. two or three mornings where you get to go off alone for a couple hours. schedule it.
January said…
Carolee, I think that's the way to go. A few hours away at the beginning and end of the week may be just the ticket for the family vacations.
January said…
And to be clear, I love spending time with my extended family. It's my own family that drives me a bit batty--and I say that with love.

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