Postcard from the Edge

Hello! Even though I checked my blog and e-mail while I was gone, I really felt as if the blog was an actual place I left, which makes coming back to it all the more sweeter.

We had a great time in Matunuck, Rhode Island, with Tim's family. The weather cooperated except for two days, and on the rainiest day we took the kids to see Wall-E (Hated it! But the kids loved it, of course.) Had three hot days at the beach and lots of ice cream in the evenings to keep us cool.

The July vacation always signals that I'm on the downside of summer, but this time I promise not to fall into despair. I intend to work hard and play even harder until the season ends! Damn, I love summer.

Here are a few poetry things I'll be working on this week--a mini to-do list, if you will:

  1. Five poems in five days. I'll need you to cheer me on, especially because I haven't written any in three months. Yikes!
  2. A trip around the blogosphere. If I haven't been by your blog in a while, get the guest room ready 'cause here I come!
  3. Map plans out for August poetry project (more on that later)
  4. Finish reading The Practical Writer
  5. Work on plans for upcoming NEWS reading events

It's good to be home.


Kelli said…
Your to-do list inspire me!
Kelli said…
And in the English version of that response:

Your to-do list inspireS me!
January said…
Kelli, the feeling is mutual! Hope you're enjoying the summer, even if the temperature is still below 70 degrees.
odessa said…
welcom back january! glad you had a wonderful time. like you, im determined to make the most of the rest of the summer. darn it, why does it go by so fast? ;)

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