New Poem

Woo hoo!

I have been stuck on poem #39 for the longest time. Maybe that's because I'm 39 years old and carry a psychological block to the number 40. In any case, it's done, and what follows is a new poem. I'm not even sure if this is a true aubade, but I'm going with it. OK, enough jibba jabba. Here it is.

Aubade for Angels

I can’t trust wind inside the house.
The metal blinds rattle their morning questions
for which I have no answers. In turn,

a bedroom door opens and closes at will,
in a conversation about departing.
The angels wait, round the clouds

at the edge of perception.
They stir a strange longing
that pushes us into recollection.

They reminds us of what is fleeting,
a crave inside a kiss,
intense and horrible

like a fireball, full of leaving
for the one who has left.
Wind, I wonder about your motives.


Kay said…
Very nice. I like the tension set up here with the interloper wind and the sudden introduction of strong emotion near the end of the poem. The wind as subject makes for an intriguing underlying dynamic.
January said…
Thanks Kay. The first poem after a long drought is always the hardest.

You are very, very kind.
odessa said…
i agree about the first poems being the hardest, after that you start seeing words everywhere.

"a crave inside a kiss" ~ that's very intense and powerful. your words are beautiful, as always.
January said…
Thanks Odessa.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on getting past your barrier. ;)

The beginning is very solid here and I like the familiar feel of the setting.
P. Sinclair said…
Jan, hope you don't mind...I posted your poem to my blog!
January said…
Thanks P. I'll check it out.

And thanks everyone for the support. Let's hope I can get a few more written in August.
Ananda said…
lovely images. when will my home speak to me in the same way i wonder.

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