Confession Tuesday

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OMG, where do I start?

This past Saturday was Alex’s 5th birthday. Tim and I threw him a party and it was wild! I mean, I’ve never chased so many little kids under the age of 6. First the kids were in the moonwalk (a giant, helium-filled bouncy tent). Then they were in Alex’s room. Then they were somewhere else in the house that required supervision. They didn’t travel in packs like wolves—that would have made things easier. But they split up into groups of two and three. It was like chasing squirrels around the house! Cute squirrels, but squirrels nonetheless.

All in all, it was a fun party with a weird flow. Most important, Alex had the time of his life and that’s all that matters. My sweet boy!


Then on Sunday, I drove back down to NJ to participate in a retreat, with my publisher, CavanKerry Press, and other poets with this publisher. For me, it was a kind of validation sitting with poets who had books or forthcoming books with this publisher. Always nice to put names with faces. Made me wonder if other publishers do this or if I lucked into something special with CKP

I arrived in NYC to pick up Joseph Legapsi, who is also with this publisher, and then we went to the retreat. It lasted a few hours; we filled the time with good conversations and excellent food and drink. And when it was over, Joseph and I went back to the city for a celebratory drink, marveling at how far we’d come since our days at NYU.

Then I was on the road at 5:30 a.m., back at work by 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning.


Because I’ve been busy with traveling, Alex’s birthday, and a nasty cold I picked up along the way, I’m woefully behind on my 30/30 Challenge. I’m still hoping to have 30 poems by the beginning of November.


One of my poems was accepted by Drunken Boat. Apparently, there are two Web zines of the same name—two different projects (I'm sure there's a story here.). The Drunken Boat this month has large showing of Cave Cavem poets. My poem will appear in the next 12 months in the interactive Web zine Drunken Boat, with audio!


Lastly, I have an article about the Dodge Poetry Festival up at Read Write Poem. While I’m usually pretty good at deadlines, I’ve been blowing them lately. Almost missed the window to submit. Sorry Deb and Dana.

Check out RWP's swanky new look!


Odessa said…
kids traveling in small groups, that i'm very familiar with! and they are faaaaast too :)

sounds like you had a very exciting weekend. can't wait to read your book! and thanks again for sharing about the dodge festival. SF's current literary festival, called litquake, just opened last friday we have tons of events for the entire week - i'm definitely excited.

my confessions are up here
susan said…
Read your article at rwp and every post here about the festival. Caught Billy Collins and Donald Hall on the Diane Reems show yesterday. Did you hear it?

Under the weather, didn't post my own confession. Will confess I'm not feeling well and this is due in part to my failure to make my health a priority.

Back into the reading and writing groove as I type.

Thanks for being consistent, inspiring and supportive.
Loida Cruz said…
A BIG CONGRATS on getting one of your poem accepted by DRUNKEN BOAT.

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