You Campaign in Poetry

Admittedly, this is not my idea--it's been making the rounds on a few listservs. But it seems like a fun idea.


Former New York Governer Cuomo once said: "You campaign in poetry; you govern in prose."

You are invited to compose variations on Cuomo's text and post your responses here.

You ______________ in poetry; you ______________ in prose.


You campaign in ____________ ; you govern in ______________.

Feel free to post more than once, post on your own blog, distribute this text to others, collect versions of these sentences from people you meet, and post those here, too.

The responses are to be as spontaneous as possible. Maybe this is the start of that political poem you've always wanted to write.

Good luck!


Catherine said…
You dream in poetry; you work in prose

You make love in poetry; you make war in prose (or you love in poetry; you fight in prose)
Political?--not my first response, which was: You make love in poetry. You have sex in prose.

o bless. That what the word verification is: obless!
January said…
Joyce, that's good!

Wish I could come up with something inspired like that. All I could think of was:

You serve in poetry. You volley in prose.


You catch in poetry. You release in prose.

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