Confession Tuesday

Time to fess up! What's on your mind? Confession is good for the soul, right? So tell us something you've been holding back, and we promise to read, empathize, and maybe even laugh with you. Isn't that was community is all about? Also, be sure to check out the regular confessors in The Confessional.


Here's my big confession. I forgot it was Confession Tuesday! Gosh darn it, Columbus Day threw me off. So today's confessions will be short but sweet.


Had a phenomenal time at the Mass Poetry Festival. The poetry community came out in full force for the state's first-ever poetry festival. What did I enjoy most? I spent the day with the poets in my Salem Writer's group, who are terrific poets and just fun to be around. Also spent time with Cape Cod poet Jarita Davis, and was privy to conversations with poets around the state. However, could not find intelligent words to have a conversation with Martín Espada. Couldn't manage more than "I really enjoyed your reading." Lame!


This Friday, I will read a Mary Oliver poem as a featured reader for Babson's 12th Inauguration. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous about it, even though I think there will be more than 1,000 people in attendance (*GULP* OK, maybe I'm a little nervous). Bought my outfit yesterday—bough two outfits, actually—and will post pictures of the event over the weekend.


Poems written for my October 30/30 Challenge: 4. Time to get cracking!


I'm in one of those cycles where I'm not responding to posts right away. Thanks for all the kind words. Hope to start responding, as well as visiting your blogs, later this week.


Deb said…
Not much of a confession, but a few American Sentences.

Odessa said…
glad you had a great time at the poetry festival. we had one this week too and i loved every event that i went to.

and best of luck reading at the Inaugutation. which Mary Oliver poem are you reading?

my confessions are here
chicklegirl said…
Way to go on the 30/30 challenge. Good luck at the reading, too; I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. Here are my confessions.

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