Confession Tuesday

To steal a line from O magazine, this I know for sure: it's time to confess! Post a confession here on this blog or on your own. And stop by The Confessional to see who else is sharing this week

True Confession: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays deserved their game 7 win against the Boston Red Sox. There, I said it! If the Sox have the bases loaded and can't bring runners home in the 8th inning, then they deserve to lose. The Sox had their chances. And, quite frankly, the Rays have been terrific all year.


This past Saturday, my son Alex slid down a set of stairs in our house and got a small gash under his chin that required stitched. *sigh* My son's first real boo boo! My husband, just the salt of the earth, scooped him up and took him to the emergency room on a Saturday night. But Alex was a brave trooper through the whole experience. I, on the other hand, was a wreck.

Then on Sunday, I left the house to run an errand while Tim watched the kids. I left a bottle of children's Tylenol on the counter for Tim to give to Alex to help manage his pain. Thought the cap was secured on the bottle; but lo and behold, Ella poured some in the medicine cup and took a swig.

She's fine. Turns out that for her weight, according to Poison Control (what a name!), she would have had to drink 85 percent of the bottle to be in real trouble. I think Ella only had about two tablespoons and no signs of distress after the incident.

KIDS! Try as we might to keep them safe, they keep testing their limits over and over again.


Let's see … the 30/30 poetry challenge is more like a 10/10 challenge! My intent was to write more poems, but I just had too much travel happening in October.

I did manage to send an entry to the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prizes. Typically, I don't enter contests but this looks like a good one.


Now that my poetry-related travel is over for a while, it's time for me to come up with new goals for the remainder of the year. I'll post a new to-do list this week that will consist of as much reading as possible, since I have not been reading much poetry or fiction. My writing has felt forced and stilted. I'm hoping to break out of my slump with a new set on challenges in November.


~ said…
Good luck with the Dorothy Prize! It's a great contest and organization! I entered for the last time this year b/c in January 09, I turn 40! :o
Yes, good luck! My Muse has flown. Who knows where???

Btw, we eat pancit here a lot. Pancit and lumpia and rice...are staples here. Like bread and milk. Like tuna fish sandwiches. Like oatmeal, like Colonel Saunders.
January said…
Maybe our muses are eating pancit somewhere ...

I have a good chicken adobo recipe but not pancit. I should just learn how to make it.

January said…
Thanks Kelli. Good luck to you, too. Sadly this is my first and last year to enter, as I turn 40 next year, too!

I think our birthdays are just a few weeks apart (Mine is Feb. 14).

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