Mass Poetry Festival

This weekend, the first Massachusetts Poetry Festival takes place in Lowell from Friday to Sunday. It will feature some of the Commonwealth’s best poets and most of the events are free. This is a test-run for the festival. If there is enough interest, it may become a bigger annual event, so I hope you can come out and support it.

While you’re at it, come out and support me!

Olive That and More
Open Mic
Saturday, Oct. 11
High noon
167 Market St. in Lowell

This reading will feature members of the Salem Writers’ Group, and alumni of the Salem Poetry Seminars. Some of the probable readers include:
J.D. Scrimgeour
Julie Batten
Kevin Carey
Jennifer Jean
Colleen Michaels
January O’Neil (woo hoo!)

Hope to see you there!


Rethabile said…
The link takes leads here: "This Account Has Been Suspended.
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

I've been reading about Dodge here and elsewhere. I'm glad it was a success.
January said…
Yikes! Thank you. I removed the link.

Dodge was rainy but good. And the Mass Poetry Festival is based off of the Dodge Festival so I'm hopeful the weekend will be a success.

Do you have poetry/literary gatherings where you live, Rethabile?
Catherine said…
When I read "Commonwealth" I immediately think of the British Commonwealth. That would give you heaps of great poets to choose from. Then I realised you meant the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts". No doubt there are still heaps of great poets to choose from, including of course January O'Neill :)

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