Poetry Friday

Last Friday was a complete blur! As part of Babson's inauguration, I was honored to read a poem of my choosing, Mary Oliver's "Sunrise."

That's new president Len Schlesinger and Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric Company.
As if the day couldn't get any better, I was accompanied to inauguration by Joseph Legaspi made it up from NYC. Coincidental, he had a reading in Boston and was able to join me for the big event.

Here he is, reading at the Fresh Press Cafe in Brighton, as a part of Boston College's Filipino American Writers’ Night.

Also reading was Sarah Gambito, pictured below, along with Bino Realuyo and Lara Stapleton.

Even I had a chance to read two of my own poems at the open mic--icing on my very, big cake.


odessa said…
yay for you! congrats!!! (btw, i love your red coat)
Ananda said…
Congrats Sistalove. You look marvelous. I love Mary Oliver's work. Sorry I have been MIA.
January said…
Ananda, you've been busy doing a few things, too, I'm sure. I've been MIA as well but I should be more active in the blogosphere starting today!
January said…
Odessa, thanks!
eds said…
wow, that is incredible, congrats from guat! love the red jacket, did you borrow it from maureen.... i hope to visit the website to see the video if it is up there. so happy for you.

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