Who Should Win the National Book Award

Who do you think should win the National Book Award in Poetry?

Year after year, we hear people say that such and such should have won, or I think blank should have won. Well, here is your chance to say who YOU think should win, not necessarily who will win.

Who should win the NBA for Poetry?
Frank Bidart for Watching the Spring Festival
Mark Doty for Fire to Fire: New and Collected Poems
Reginald Gibbons for Creatures of a Day
Richard Howard for Without Saying
Patricia Smith for Blood Dazzler

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January said…
Personally, I think Ruth Stone's "What Love Comes To" Should have been considered."

Since there's been few (maybe one) women selected, I hope Patricia Smith's "Blood Dazzler" gets the prize.

Frank Bidart ... really?
Next year, you!unfre
January said…
Joyce, I like the way you think!
January said…
Joyce, I like the way you think!
He he. Here's to US!

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