Fifth Stop on the Improbable Places Poetry Tour

True to its name, The Improbable Places Poetry Tour made yet another improbable stop at Boot, Straps, and More Thrift Store last night.

It was so much fun to sit among the second-hand (sometime third- and fourth-hand) items that lined every inch of the store. You could not help but be inspired. I jotted down an idea for a poem during the reading.

What I love about the Improbable tour is that community members who would never read a poem much less attend a reading bring a poem they've just written. There are usually a few first-time readers in the audience. Even my kids read original poems last night!

Kudos to Colleen Michaels for being the conductor of this poetry train!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but a snapped a few pictures with my trusty iPhone.

J.D. Scrimgeour
Items sold in the thrift store go to benefit Beverly Bootstraps.

Tony Toledo reads a poem written at the thrift store 20 minutes earlier about the mannequin standing next to him.


I totally want to steal this idea. I love the concept!

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