The Writer's Life Series

Last night, I was on a panel at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. The topic? The Writer's Life Series: From Idea to Bookshelf: Authors Share Their Publishing Stories. Hosted by Charles Coe, the panelists included nonfiction authors Saloma Miller Furlong and Jerald Walker.

We had a good chemistry, and we received a nice mix of questions on how we got started as writers, how to navigate the publishing world, and our process for writing. Though we come from different backgrounds, I think we have similar approaches to our work ethic. There's just no substitution for hard work and persistence.

Doug Holder will be on a panel next week!


NaPoWriMo baby! Three drafts written, more to come. Be kind with comments. The poems posted this month are drafts.


I did not receive a Guggenheim Fellowship. Oh well. It was my first time applying and certainly not my last. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Did you see the Bad Poetry Contest sponsored by the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Check it out!


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