Monday, Monday

It's a venti hot chocolate kind of day.

It's also Patriots' Day, the running of the Boston Marathon, Pulitzer announcement day, and a day off from me. So while the kids are having some school vacation fun at our local Y, I have escaped to Starbucks.

Was just outside talking to one of the Mass Poetry Festival organizers on a headset while another festival organizer walked up and asked for flyers. Even on my days off, I'm working. But it is good work.


Had a terrific weekend. Went to the gym twice, paid bills, cleaned the house, slept, made plans for me and the kids, spoke to my parents about an upcoming visit, and, of course, worked on plans for the festival. As I write this, a wave of gratitude has overtaken me. I love this life. It's not perfect, but it's all mine.


Five books on my nightstand:
  • The New Black by Evie Shockley
  • Bringing the Shovel Down by Ross Gay
  • Lucky Fish by Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  • Words for Empty and Words for Full by Bob Hicok
  • Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls by Erika Meitner (and her book Ideal Cities is in the photo above)

Time to write a poem.


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