Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! This is the giving thanks edition of Confession Tuesday. Share a little of your pre-Turkey selves with us an we promise to do the same.

This afternoon, Alex and Ella will leave to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their dad. I admire them. Leaving home is always tough for them (and they let me know it last night). But I know they will have a good time with their father and his new family. So I am thankful that despite the multitude of changes in their lives during the past three years, they are healthy, happy, and well-adjusted kids. 

I am thankful to be their mom.


By the same token, I am thankful for the gift of time. Alex and Ella will be gone until Sunday, which means I'll have some much needed me time. They say you should always put the oxygen mask on yourself first before the kids. Well, this holiday I will be putting the mask on myself first so that when they return, I will be more rested and centered for them.


I couldn't get through the last month, which was particularly tough for some reason, without friends and family. I am thankful for you--more than you know.


Between the kids, work, and Mass Poetry, I've gotten a little behind on the PAD Challenge. Hello holiday! Time to play a little catch up. I am thankful for all of the above.


Some new opportunities are on the horizon. Too early to talk about anything but they're all exciting. Just another reminder that I seem to be on right path.


A big thank you to you! No, let's make it a big Dating Game kiss. *smack!* Because of you, my second book will be out in fall 2014. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

So, what are you most thankful for this year?


Anonymous said…
I confessed!

I confess that you're my poetry hero.

Also, what happened to Ella's hair?! ;^)
Anonymous said…
18 poems written this month, 31 this year, your new book accepted, etc etc etc In no way are you behind! Many congratulations again. Hope your me-time is restful as well as fruitful! xo
Catherine said…
I've managed 20 poems so far this month so I have a little catching up to do - I suspect that most of them won't see the light of day again after the end of the month though. They have got me back into a writing habit which was the main goal.
What I am most grateful for is that we are alive, we have clean water again, our house is more or less intact and all the aftershocks seem to be dying down at last. Although it feels very risky to put that last item in writing.
I hope you have a very restful weekend, you deserve it. Raising children is hard enough without being a single parent, and a working mother and fine poet as well.
January said…
Thanks, ladies, for the kind words.

January said…
Pho, Ella and I went to be beauty salon and they blow-dried (?) it out. Unfortunately for Ella, it will go back to curly in a day or so. But nice that she has the option to change up her hair without chemicals.
carolee said…
i'm so thrilled to have the time this evening to catch up on reading poet mom!! oh, i dread the day that my ex gets/creates a new family. this thanksgiving i had the kids & we're going to be together (all of us) for christmas. but that's because neither of us has "started over."

i admire your strength. and you supporting your kids in the other part of their lives. it's a process, yes?

november was a tough month for me, as well. lots of growing pains. but seeing this reminds me that the right track is the right track. steady. steady. steady. xo
January said…
There is a part of me that has learned to let go. And by letting go to *some* of the hurt and disappointment, I'm able to channel it into create a better life for myself and my children.

It's not easy, and I'm not healed--not by a longshot. I still have a lot of anger. But as long as you know who you are, you'll be fine.


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