Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kibbles and Bits

Still hanging with the PAD Challenge. On day 10, I have eight poems written. Yay! Looking forward to the weekend so I can sort my poems and try to revise.


Yesterday, I got a call from the school nurse saying she found a tick above my daughter's right ear. YIKES! Took everything in me not to completely FREAK OUT. It's been warm lately and there are a lot of trees near the kids' school. Ella's fine. Hoping we got it early. Damn tick. (The subject of PAD #8.)


The beautiful and talented Nin Andrews is blogging this week at Best American Poetry. Not only is she a fine poet, she's a wonderful cartoonist. Here's one she did of me! *smile!*


Mass Poetry now has a blog. Go read their blog, which will be updated a few times a week.


I had a conversation last week with poets published by various publishers. I didn't realize the publication cycles of poetry collections are typically three to five years. I think my publisher has a three-year cycle, while others have five years. Can you imagine publishing a book in 2011 and waiting until 2016 for the next title? Ugh. I know it happens all the time; nonetheless, I'm still surprised by the delay.

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