Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, folks! It was another kidtastic weekend, filled with birthday parties and flag football. Here's a picture of my daughter on a horse named Faith. We went to a birthday party at a horse ranch. I have to say, it was pretty cool for us city slickers.

My daughter really wanted to take the horse home. I had to explain to her that our backyard was too small to keep her, and she would miss all of her horse friends. But who couldn't use a little Faith these days.


Also this weekend, my son won his first flag football game. Unfortunately, his team has lost the previous five games. But the team finally gelled in game #6, which happens to be a playoff game in this league. I didn't see the game because I had to take my daughter to the birthday party mentioned above, but he was so excited afterwards. The team has a chance to go to the playoffs--how funny (and great) is that?


Fourteen days into the PAD challenge and I have 13 drafts. Did not get a chance to revise them--too much kid stuff going on this weekend. So I'll just keep at it until I can get a few free minutes, which may not be until the end of the month.


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