You Can Take That to the Bank!

I thought last month's improbable tour stop at the tattoo parlor was pretty cool, but reading at a bank? After hours? It ranks right up there!

Colleen Michaels has done it again with her choice of venue for Improbable Places Poetry Tour. Last night, the reading was held at the People's United Bank. The money was locked away in the vault (was hoping to leave with a big bag of money--that didn't happen), but poetry was the true commerce of the evening.

Colleen Michaels

Ella O'Neil and Eliza Michaels

Even my daughter, who never met a microphone she didn't like, read a poem before the poetry crowd.

As someone who has read at Occupy Boston, it was nice to come here and listen to a range of poems about people's relationships to money. And I have to give credit to the People's United Bank. According to Colleen, they never asked who's reading or what topics will be read. They opened their doors to the community, just as they do every day. This time, however, the poets occupied the bank.


Susan Rich said…
What a great event! If I lived closer, this would be my bank for sure. I love that your daughter participates in poetry readings every chance she gets. Hoping to meet her this spring if all goes well...
January said…
My daughter never met a microphone she didn't like!

Thanks Susan. I'm waiting for you to spearhead the West Coast verion of the tour.

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