Good Mojo

All hail Colleen Michaels (aka "Poetry Czarina")!

Colleen knows how to bring a community together. The second season of the Improbable Places Poetry Tour opened on a perfectly cool night outside of  Good Mojo Tattoos. With the theme "think ink," it was the largest crowd to date.

I may have been one of the few poets there without a tattoo, but I loved hearing how many markings each reader had, which tattoo artist worked on which poet, etc. And when we went into the shop to read, I could hear the needles in the background as tattoos were being drawn! It was so cool!

What I love the most about this reading is that it brought poetry to a nonpoetry audience. Community members who wouldn't normally read in front of a crowd read in front of a crowd! Also, the tour brings potential customers to local businesses. It's a strange mix of art and commerce that works. If that isn't good mojo, I don't know what is.


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