Bottles and Cans

The second manuscript is done! At least for now. It is off to a trusted group of friends for feekback. Then I'll review their suggestions and if all goes well, I'll send it to my publisher for a second look.

During the last few months, I've been able to buckle down and really work hard on revising poems. Now that the bulk of the work is complete, I'm thinking about sending a few out for submission. And, more important, I'm going to start incorporating those poems into my readings. That's where I can really hear their music, and see how audiences react to the work.


I'm just happy to leave this subject matter behind. Time to start a new project.


Wednesday night, my son, Alex, said the words no poet-parent wants to hear: "Poetry is stupid!"


He has a cold, and was tired and crabby that night. He said it because he thinks poetry takes me away from spending time with him. Maybe he's right. I don't think so, but he is almost eight. I can see how it might appear that way. So I'm trying to come up with ways to find more time with both kids.

I know he doesn't really feel poetry is stupid. He likes writing original poems and reading them in front of crowds. Oh well. Growing pains.

Speaking of poetry events that take me away from my family (*sigh*), I'll be at the Salem Lit Fest Saturday at 3 p.m. for the session, "My Poetry Crush." Hope you can make it.

Should be a lively discussion.


Bottles and cans and just clap your hands and just clap your hands.

Happy Friday, folks.


Anonymous said…
Every time I go out, Vincent always asks, "Are you going to Poetry?" as if it's another town altogether. Sometimes he's resentful, sometimes he wants to go too, but regardless I think it's good for him to see Mommy being passionate about something separate from him.

Good luck with the ms!
January said…
It was a little bit of a knife in the heart, but I have to push past that and listen to what he's saying.

And I agree, it's good for our kids to see us reading, to see us doing what we love to do.

Fingers crosses with m'script #2.

Thanks, Marie!

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