The Book of Arrows

The Book of Arrows
by Mike Amado
Cervena Barva Press (August 2011)
Edited by Jack Scully and Nancy Brady Cunningham
$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9831041-4-8 | 62 Pages

In January 2009, poet Mike Amado passed away far too early. His friends have edited this collection in his honor. From the press release:

Accept life
In all its beginnings
Accept life
In all its blooming
Accept life
In all its endings

-Mike Amado, December 2008

In this book, we try to show you a picture of Mike's early life in Plymouth and his family (Beginnings). How his poetry evolved from the dark to tell us about things which he believed were wrong and should be changed, especially the wrongs done against "Native Americans," and the warehousing of kidney patients into dialysis units (Blooming). In October 2008, Mike knew that his time was coming to an end and this book includes seven poems written during the last months before his death (Endings). Mike had almost 500 unpublished poems. In his final months, he put some of them in collections on his computer in what he called books. Most of the poems in this volume were under the heading of The Book of Arrows; thus, our title.

This collection is fondly dedicated to Michael "Mike" "Spokenwarrior" Amado (April 23, 1975-January 2, 2009).

~Jack and Nancy


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