Strange Days, Indeed

The Improbable Places Poetry Tour makes it into the Beverly police log! Very cool.

Also in the police log for Tuesday, "A dinghy was reported stolen at 11:03 a.m. off Cabot Street."


Thanks for the advice on titles for m'script #2. Keep those suggestions coming!


I have been waiting patiently for Terrance Hayes' new chapbook Who Are the Tribes to arrive in the mail from Pilot Books. I placed my order on September 1, the Paypal account cleared on September 7, and still no order. I love supporting small presses but if fulfillment is an issue, that's a problem. Ironically, this is a local small press. I could drive there and pick up the book myself.

FYI, The chapbook has a limited print run of 300.


Congrats to Kwame Dawes, who was named editor of Prairie Schooner.

(Thanks Rethabile!)


My kids are learning what it means to be Red Sox fans. All through September, my son, who discovered baseball this year, kept saying “Red Sox stink!” because their AL lead completely evaporated. I kept telling him, “No, no. The Rex Sox will get to the playoffs. Don’t worry. The team will be fine.”

*big sigh*

Yesterday my six-year old daughter said, “Maybe 'The Curse' is back.”

Kids, welcome to Red Sox nation. Go Tampa!


It's been a weird week. Strange days, indeed.


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