September 15

Collin Kelley has a nice interview with Justin Evans discussing his new book, Town of the Trees.


Check out Jessie Carty’s new book, Fat Girl.


What do you think of contemporary poetry? Sketch by Nin Andrews.


Also, today at work I’m escorting a celebrity around campus. Details and a photo to come. In a separate project, I’m on part of a team organizing a flash mob. Weird.


Today is a weird day. I’m commemorating it by finishing up my manuscript revisions. Also, there's a poem I’ve been trying to write for years. It’s one of those poems people will ask me how long it took to write, and I can honestly say it's taken 10 years. Will post soon.


I give myself a hard time for not submitting poems for publication on a regular basis, but I have 14 poems coming out, 10 in a journal and four in an e-anthology. Not too shabby for Ms. Lazy Bones.


Truth is, I don’t give myself enough credit for the things I have accomplished, no more important than being a single mom to two wonderful kids. I have a rich, full life filled with friends and family, poetry, and joy.

So today, I celebrate myself.


Rethabile said…
Do. We celebrate you, too. Bravo for the mommy side, especially. But also for the quality work you keep putting out.
January said…
Thank you, my friend. I needed that today.

Susan Rich said…
You are celebrated on the west coast, too. A party happening right after your reading for the WA State Book Awards --- and you!!!
Collin Kelley said…
Thanks for the shout out, Jan.
odessa said…
here's a toast to you, January! you are an inspiration. cheers!
January said…
Thanks Odessa.

Susan, see you soon. I'm always up for a party.
January said…
A really nice interview, Collin.

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