Back on the Mainland

Back from Block Island and what a weekend! I think my kids have fallen in love with the island, just as I have. Every time I go, I wonder, "How can I find a way to live here year round, hmmm ..."

My thanks to Pastor Steve Hollaway for inviting us to stay on the island, and to read at the Soup and Song Coffeehouse at the Harbor Church. We had a terrific time Friday night. I split the set with a local musician--a lovely combination of words and music.

Then on Saturday, we explored the island, with our first stop at a zoo, of sorts. The local animal farm/petting zoo boasts a wide variety of exotic animals, including llamas, lemurs, emus, camels, alpacas, water buffalo, black swans, and my personal favorite—the zedonk.

Ella feeding a llama.

Later in the day, we went to a little estuary known as Andy's Way. A quiet, undiscovered spot--perfect for small kids. No waves but plenty of nature around, including hundreds of fiddler crabs.

Ella and Alex practicing their moves

On Sunday, I had the distinct pleasure of reading a poem at Harbor Church's morning service on 9/11. I think I'm going to post about the experience tomorrow in confessions. Just seems weird to talk about 9/11 in the same post with zedonks and surfing.

All in all, it was the perfect getaway to close out summer.


Pearl said…
January, did you know there's a mompoet also on vacation? you both have the same templates. sooner or later you will become a merged poet.

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