Fall Back

Ahhh, Monday. You know you're in trouble when it's a "Thank god it's Friday--Oh, god it's Monday" kind of a day.


Despite the time change, we had a pretty good weekend (It's not like anyone sleeps in my household.). Roller skating, kids parties, play dates, and flag football. But I was able to find a little "me" time to crank out a few poems for the PAD Challenge.

Writing a poem a day is like building a airplane while flying it. I have five poems in draft stage, with little time to go back and revise. I'm afraid if I wait too long, I won't go back at all to fix them. Meanwhile, I'm down two poems. I hate playing catch up. Oh well. There are worse things I could do ...

("... like go with a boy or two." Name that tune.)


Check out the latest podcast from New Letters on the Air featuring my former NYU classmate Mariko Nagai. Yay Mariko!


My first-generation iPhone is dying a slow death. *sigh* May be time to pick up a new one.


As I type this, my daughter, Ella, is leaning over and watching me type. So much for Daylight Savings.



Susan Rich said…
Love this song from G. I don't think I ever saw the movie. Teaching "Bonnie and Clyde" today. Happy Monday to you and you and you!
Dawn Paul said…
OK, I've got 6 bad poems (missed Saturday, went flying off to Boston, came home late & forgot). But, wow, revising some older work today, things were coming fast & hard.
carolee said…
that is my favorite part of grease. tough girl reveals soft heart. :)

so glad you are doing PAD!
Martha Silano said…
Good for you for doing the Nov PAD challenge. You are way ahead of me. Sounds like we had similar weekends, except I only began one poem.
Cindy Veach said…
So you talked me into the Nov PAD thing. I've got 5 drafts (short poems) and I'm down 2... but it's all good:-)
January said…
Yes! Nice going, Cindy. You and Dawn are troopers! Can't wait to read a few of your poems.
January said…
Martha, sometimes writing one poem is as difficult as writing 30. Good for you!
January said…
Carolee, Grease is one of my favorite movies. I always wanted to be Rizzo.

I've been following your poems. You inspire me.

Susan, you must rent Grease! A classic. XO!

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