It's Just Lunch

While I will not attend the AWP Chicago conference (Chi-town in the middle of winter just doesn't appeal to me), I'm over the moon excited that AWP will be coming to Boston in 2013!

Yesterday, I attended a meet-and-greet luncheon for regional organizations. It was an opportunity for AWP get their boots on the ground, while offering exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities for orgs during  conference.  

Did you know ...?

  • The last time AWP came to Boston was in 1982.
  • For AWP Chicago, of the more than 1,000 proposals submitted, about 420 were selected.
  • The AWP Bookfair is the largest bookfair in North America, with about 550 organizations and presses participating in Chicago. There will be more exhibition space available in Boston so there's the potential for the book fair to grow. Impressive!   

OK, I kinda wish I was going to Chicago, but knowing AWP will be local in 2013 gives me something to look forward to down the road.


My little cold is slowing me down, but I have three drafts written for my poem-a-day challenge. I may post one or two this weekend.


Just confirmed that Afaa Michael Weaver and I will be reading at the Grolier Poetry Book Shop on December 1. That good news was tempered by a rejection from Poetry magazine. Oh well. Can't win them all.


Susan Rich said…
Reading at the Grollier with Mr. Weaver -- VERY cool! All the best poets receive rejections from Poetry :-)
Miss you!

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