Confession Tuesday

It’s Confession Tuesday. You know the drill.

The kids are back after their wild and wacky (and unexpected) road trip. I’ve never seen them so happy to be back at home. It’s kind of nice, really. We finished decorating the Christmas tree, made dinner together, visited with a few friends—they even did their chores without complaining! This is how I know they missed being at home.

What can I say? I missed them and they missed me. And now, all is right with the world.


I am entering the brave new world of online dating. Maybe it’s not new, just new to me. I’m keeping an open mind about the process. After all, I thought I was done with this phase of my life. The whole idea of entering the dating pool again is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. My world is pretty full and fulfilling as it is, but finding someone to share it can only enhance it.


At the very least, I’ll get a few poems out of my experiences.


We are about five months away from the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, and there are more hands doing the heavy lifting earlier in the process. Currently, we are shoring up the list of headliners and filling in the lineups of panels, sessions, and workshops. The festival marketing, which is my area of expertise, will start to heat up in January, so in December I will get all of the design work and ad specs ready for submission in the New Year.

The deadline for proposals is coming up! Submit!!

This week’s to-do list:

  1. Revise three poems from the November PAD challenge
  2. Send out submissions to four journals 
  3. Scope out my third manuscript project
  4. Start organizing Mass Poetry stuff
  5. Read a fiction book
  6. Work on MCC grant application

All of these things I’ve slacked on in the last month—I really need to stay on task if I’m going to finish the year strong. Not easy to do with the silly season upon us.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


Nin Andrews said…
I love your comment, I will get a few good poems out of the experience. For sure!

And your list is inspiring me. I am feeling very bogged down . . . Always good to stop over here and get some direction again.
January said…
Thanks Nin. Not a day goes by that I don't check out your parodies.

You inspire me!
carolee said…
omg. we should chat. i took that plunge, too. oy.

yes, poems out of it. at least there's potential there. :)

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