2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Behold: the 2012 Mass Poetry Features Lineup. The schedule is now live. Go forth and register!

We are through the looking glass, people. Three weeks until the festival. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? More than 85 sessions: poetry, panels, slams, music, visual arts, drama, and more. It's Ekphrastic Fantastic! It's Improbable! It's Carpenters! It's the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. I'm telling it all but I'm telling it slant.

Can I get an iamb?
I am headed into Cambridge to cheer on nearly 1,000 high school students at our Student Day of Poetry. Can't wait. I'll be spending the day at MIT, getting lost, being found, and supporting poetry! Pics to come.
I need sleep like nobody's business. Feeling a bit punchy today.


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