2012 NPM Poster

Here is this year's National Poetry Month poster from the Academy of American Poets. (Click on image to enlarge.) This one arrived in the mail early, and currently hangs in my office at Salem State. I have every poster going back to 2000, except for last year's, which after three requests I never received. Guess I will buy the 2011 poster.


Had a near panic attack when I realized that the Massachusetts Poetry Festival is six weeks away! Wow!! So much to do in a short amount of time.

I am reconciling the fact that I will not sleep much during the next few weeks. Between the festival, teaching, and home life, I'm looking for ways to make my life easier. Maybe I need a robot servant.

And that is why I'm blogging at 7 a.m. Good times.

But the festival will be fabulous. The lineup of features and sessions is spectacular. If I had to describe the festival, it's a cross between Dodge and AWP.


National Poetry month is just around the corner. You know what that means ... it's time for a poem a day challenge! Like I don't have enough to do.



I was happy to receive this poster as well! My first. Looking forward to many more.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Renee said…
how do you get one of those? I'm a poetry professor and I'd love one for my office..
January said…
Click the link in this post, which will take you to The Academy of American Poets' National Poetry Month site. You can fill in your contact info and they'll send you a free poster.

Good luck!
January said…
Hi Andrea. Hope you had a nice weekend.

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