Confession Tuesday

Welcome to Confession Tuesday, late edition. Time to unburden yourself. Share a little of your life and we promise to do the same.


This week is spring break for my college, which means I have a little more time to devote to Mass Poetry. Much of the last two weeks has been spent getting the massive programming schedule together. Trying to organize 85 different programs and sessions is like being air traffic controller--have to make sure all the planes land safely. It's a BEAST! I'm telling you, that schedule keeps me up at night. But it is done. Time to exhale.


My writing schedule has been off for the last few days, but I'm using the time that I do have to write poems and get organized. Yesterday I made a massive five-day to-do list, more of a brain dump than anything else. It's really bad when your to-do list becomes a bulleted outline with tasks and subtasks. Here's the poetry portion:

Poetry to-do's

  • Write one poem
  • Work with designer on Misery Islands book cover
  • Ask kind poets for back-cover blurbs (ugh)
  • Organize new poetry
  • Send out submissions to two publications
  • Write essay for upcoming project

Mass Poetry is hosting a fundraiser this Thursday, featuring Robert Pinsky. So today was a good day to buy a new dress, shoes, and jewelery. Haven't bought a new dress of any kind since my first book launch. Needless to say, this day of shopping was long overdue.


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