Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! Thanks for stopping by. Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

This is a picture of MIT's Infinite Corridor, or The Corridor of Infinite Possibilities (or, as I like to say, "a long-ass hallway," as in, "Gosh, this is a long-ass hallway. Why am I lost? Why am I so tired of walking?"). The corridor connects the east and west sides of campus.

Monday was my first-ever visit to MIT's campus, which is the setting of Friday's Student Day of Poetry, a daylong event sponsored by Mass Poetry. Nearly 1,000 high school students will descend upon this campus for workshops and slams. I'm looking forward to this event. But I won't lie--I'm happy not to be planning this event! That honor goes to Amanda Torres, who is doing an awesome job putting the day together.

Friday will be a lot of fun.


Later in the week, the Mass Poetry Festival programming schedule will go live. Lots of checking and double checking, making sure all the photos, bios, and event times and locations are correct. I'll be glad when it goes public. Can't wait to reveal all the planning that has gone into the 2012 festival.


About six months ago, I wrote an article for Adam Day's website Catch Up. My article, along with six others, is included as part of a special issue called States of African American Poetry

With the Trayvon Martin murder a major news story, seems appropriate and timely to add our voices to the larger conversation on race in America.


Trying to write a poem about this subject and many others. In fact, I have about five poems rolling around in my head. Just need to find time to write them all down.

Another week, another to-do list. *sigh* I hate it when poetry is not number 1.

1. Taxes
2. Freelance project (due Friday)
3. Brooksby Farm poems (Friday)
4. Get blurbs for book. Ugh.

My Mass Poetry List is six times as long. Seriously.


Listening to ... "You can go hard or you can go home."


Thinking about infinite possibilities today.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading your article and learned more about you having done so. I raise my proverbial glass to you and the idea that "A high tide raises all boats."
January said…
Thanks Heidi. My parents wil be up just before the festival to watch the kids. Hope to see you then.

And, I hope you are well!

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