Tannery Series: What's Love Got to Do with It?

I am all backed up on my posts. If I was on top of things, I would have told you much sooner about the fabulous reading I had last weekend with the Tannery Series in Newburyport. I read with two of the most talented ladies writing today: Tayari Jones and Kate Bolick.

It was an evening of firsts for me. Hard to believe I had never been to Jabberwocky Books, which is an impressive indie bookstore. I had never read with a fiction and nonfiction authors on the same bill. And I had never read with the Tannery Series. Run by Kirun Kapur and Dawne Shand, they really do a nice job making their artists feel supported.

Miss Tayari and Me!

Tayari is the author of Silver Sparrow. She's also a Bunting Fellow at Radcliffe this academic year, so I am soaking her in for the next few months while she's local.

Kate Bolick

And Kate Bolick wrote an eye-opening article for The Atlantic called "All the Single Ladies." This article helped to garner her first book deal. Keep an eye on her!

We read under the theme of "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Bigamy, spinsterhood, and family deception! According to the description, we were supposed to skewer today's romantic landscape. Not sure if we did that, but I did get a chance to read a few Misery Island poems. Trust me, I could have skewered. I did not! In fact, the readings had a nice flow and our work collectively made for a well-rounded evening with multiple perspectives and experiences.   

Those folks up in Newburyport like books! I sold quite a few that evening. Such a warm and welcoming crowd. What can I say? It was truly a fun evening from start to finish. And after the Poetry Out Loud competition in the morning, the day was a reminder of how lucky I am to do what I do.


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