Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday ... you know the drill!

That being said, I forgot it was Confession Tuesday. Heck, I forgot it was Tuesday! I was up late last night grading papers. The only thing on my mind was getting caught up--which I am. Definitely worth it.


I talk a lot about festival planning but not much about my new teaching position. There's definitely been a learning curve, but, in general, I really enjoy being in front of the classroom. Any student willing to sit in on an 8 a.m. comp class means business. And, as the creative writing class moves toward fiction, I'm reading new works I would not have read otherwise. Here's hoping my enthusiasm rubs off on my students.

For years I was on the administrative side. Now that I'm on the teaching end, I have a whole new perspective on how things work at a large institution. Fortunately, I have a lot of support from other faculty members, which makes this transition as smooth as it could possibly be.

I know I've said this before, but I have these great pockets of time during the day that I just love. I'm working out again, and writing regularly--not producing much but writing nonetheless. I'm holding onto my time like a squirrel holding her last nut.


Also forgot my best friend's birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Special K! (Thank you, Facebook birthday reminder.)


Got my first acceptance into Ploughshares!! My poem, "The Blower of Leaves, will appear in the Winter 2012-13 issue. Woo hoo!

Many moons ago when I first moved to Boston, I was a reader for Pshares. I was probably there about 3-4 months. Ii didn't last long; I wasn't that organized back then. But they were. They had packets of poems together in the most organized fashion, ready for students and inters to start reviewing submissions. That was almost 15 years ago. Wonder if the process is similar today. They are still an organized bunch. And very nice.

In any case, I am eternally grateful.


My eyes are burning. Need some sleep.


Anonymous said…
I confessed! (It's been a while.)

Different subject: I've been having a hard time commenting on your blog recently. (GD Captcha).
Kells said…
I know I congratulated you on FB, but Ploughshares is worth 2 congrats! Very incredible news!

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