Christmas: A Retrospective, 2004-2008

Sadly, "our" Santa for the last four years broke his leg, but this jolly fella filled in nicely. Even gave the kids hugs after listening to their long list of demands ... eh ... presents!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Jim K. said…
I hope they have the giant
toy soldiers at the north
shore mall again this year.
Keep an eye out. They used to
have a phonebooth for
Santa too. It was cool to visit
when the mall was closed and
there was snow on the lot.
Collin Kelley said…
kj said…
these pictures are just heart-warming! they made me feel terrific.

January said…
Thanks all! It was fun to dig through the photos and see how much the kids have grown.
January said…
Jim, the mall has expanded! Have you been lately? It's beautiful.

Didn't see toy soldiers but lots of giant ornaments hanging from the ceiling. I think a few of them scared my daughter.
Odessa said…
oh, you're kinds are so adorable!
Odessa said…
oooops, typo! i meant to say: your kids are too adorable! :)

(clearly i need to get some sleep)
cornshake said…
so cute! i love the jump btwn the 1st and 2nd one when your little girl just "magically" appears ;)
Goodnight, Mom said…

Oh, my babies are getting so big! I'm so happy that you guys have this collection. It will be so fun to look at these over the years. I can't wait!!!
Heidi G said…
The series is terrific to see- a book of hardcopy photos would be wonderful to bring out every year for all who visit to see annually (fun for kids of all ages really)- I love this.

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