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(Snow Miser)

Happy Sunday! I spent much of yesterday watching holiday specials with the kids. It's fun to go back and watch some of those wacky holiday specials. Hands down, our family's favorite is "The Year without a Santa Claus." But was it really necessary to create the sequel, "A Miser Christmas?"

I truly enjoy watching the kids get excited about these same low-tech, story-driven holiday specials Tim and I enjoyed growing up. They're so anti-Sponge Bob, it's great!


Sometime this past week, maybe Wednesday, I hit the 50,000 mark with unique visitors! So whether you come here regularly or got lost on your way somewhere else, thanks for stopping by the Poet Mom blog.


Also earlier this week, Afaa Micheal Weaver appeared on a local Boston public television show called Basic Black. He’s wonderful, and looks incredibly dapper—I might add! You can't help but be moved by this interview.


Maya Ganesan said…
It's funny that you mention the Snow Miser, because we had about an inch of snow last night.

It's been too sunny for me to consider it "holiday season," and I haven't been out much lately, so I'm not exactly in the holiday spirit - though I wish I were.

I'm sure it'll come around sometime soon...nearer to Christmas, when we go holiday shopping...
Goodnight, Mom said…
I love these, too. So much! I have such fond Leland Files memories of the Heat Miser song!

However, we recently watched Rudolph. Uh, watched that recently? Coupla things: 1) the abominable snowmonster scared the pants off of Jack 2) I had to explain to him why the reindeer were such jerks and wouldn't play with him because he was different 3) Had to explain to him why Mr. Donner took off to find Rudolph and wouldn't take Mrs. Donner. He cited the reason as "this is Man's work".

Yeah, that was FUN!
Collin Kelley said…
I love all those old claymation, stop motion Christmas specials.

Congrats on 50,000. You don't look a day over 49,000. :)
Writer Bug said…
Congrats on 50K! That rocks!
January said…
Thanks Collin, Bug! Did you know that 50,000 is the new 100K?
January said…
Kristi, last night we watched Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys, a new special. Not as scary as the original--all happy happy joy joy, for the most part.

I have to say I like the old, flawed claymation specials rather than the new computer-generated shows.
January said…
Maya, we'll get a bit of snow in New England (we've been lucky to have missed the ice storms in Western MA).

Just nine days until Christmas!

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