Confession Tuesday

These are my last confessions for 2008!

Thank you for coming here every week to read my dirty laundry. Although, admittedly, my laundry is on the cleaner side of dirty! *smile*


We’ve had a great Christmas week. As I type, my parents are packing for their return flight home. For all the craziness that goes on around the holidays, this is the one time of the year I do get to relax because my mom and dad spend lots of time watching the kids. And, this week we have a few activities scheduled for them, which means less stress for everyone.

Overall, this holiday was less stressful than in years past. Making the decision early on to downsize Christmas opened up more activities with the family. I’m not the crafty type, but I did everything this week—from baking cookies to making ornaments. Even got my dad into the act, which, if you knew my dad, is a hard sell, indeed!


My husband, Tim, gave me a great piece of advice. He told me to rest this week. Seems simple enough, but he reminded me that I want to feel as if I had a vacation while I’m away from work. So, on his advice, I’m managed to get in a few workouts at the gym, catch up with friends, shop with my mom, and go on a few dates with my husband—as well as spend lots of craft time with Alex and Ella.


On the poetry front, I’m finalizing an article and prompt for RWP, and writing blog posts for this week. And I’m in the midst of putting together a local poetry reading for Inauguration Day (note to self: create flyer this week).

I’m a little sad that I've written only one poem this month, and will end my annual poetry total under 50 poems this year. But I’m squarely looking ahead at all the poetry I plan to write in 2009.

What am I most looking forward to in 2009 (besides health and happiness for friends and family)? Being able to say, “My first book of poems, Underlife, will be published this year!”


Collin Kelley said…
It's been a pleasure getting to know you via blog. Looking forward to your book!
January said…
Collin, the feeling is mutual, and the pleasure is all mine!

I have After the Poison your book on order from
Deb said…
Great year, great confession, and perfect advice from hubby!

PS- You'll sign my copy, right?!?
Dani In NC said…
Thanks for linking to Read Write Poem. I can't wait to set aside a few minutes and browse the site. I fell off the poetry wagon when Poetry Thursday disappeared but I've found lately that I miss it.
January said…
Hi Dani! Read Write Poem is the latest iteration of Poetry Thursday. The site offer lots of prompts, articles, and community interaction, so I encourage you to check it our.

No better time than a new year to include poetry in your plans.
January said…
Oops. I meant, "Check it out."

Deb, maybe we can trade titles in 2009. I'm waiting to see your book in print.
Maya Ganesan said…
Gosh, isn't that scary? The last Tuesday of 08?

It feels more like a big looming boulder at the moment -- now I have this whole year that I just CAN'T mess up, a whole year in which my book will come out and I won't be a nobody anymore...

This is really freaky. 2009 is almost here and things are starting to turn upside down. (In a good way, I think. Books are good.)
Maya Ganesan said…
Oh, and I also wanted to add -- do you ever feel like you can wait for your book to be out, that maybe you want to spend a couple of months still as yourself, normal, before you have your OWN BOOK out?

I sometimes do. It feels like the crazy ride is about to start without my control.

Happy New Year, January! May 2009 bring you nothing but good.

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