Confession Tuesday

True confession: I hate posting confessions in the afternoon. Sorry folks, the day got away from me.

Feel free to post a little something about yourself, and we'll come by to visit your blog. And, don't forget to check out the "sinners" in The Confessional.


After a terrific Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, I'm in the holiday spirit! I mean, Christmas Eve is almost two weeks away! It also helps to put up your tree on November 30.

We spent most of the holiday weekend running the kids ragged with activities, so much so that they wore us out! By Sunday we needed something to do—hence the Christmas tree. This year, the kids thoroughly enjoyed decorating the house. They were just so excited that Christmas is almost here.


Another true confession: In the picture, you'll notice a glass of white wine on the mantle. Tim and I had one of those "why the hell not" moments and had a glass of wine at 10:30 a.m. *smile* That was a good day.


All of this holiday cheer has turned into action. I'm 60 percent done with my holiday shopping—under budget, I might add. I just can't stand last-minute impulse buying for a holiday that comes around the same time every year. Even wrapped up the kids' holiday photo for Christmas cards early.


Sad news for me: I think my laptop is a goner. When I power up, the screen remains black. When it first happened, I was working on a new poem. Just the beginnings, but a kernel of what I know can be a really good poem if I stay with it.

I managed to save the poem to my flash drive, but I've had trouble working on it without my laptop. Have I just gotten so used to composing on screen that I can't write with pen and paper, or is the idea of buying a new computer getting to me? Tomorrow, I'll ask my coworker to take a look at my laptop for best recommendation. As for the poem, hope to post it tomorrow. I'll suck it up and finish it from my husband's PC.


Also coming tomorrow, December poetry to-do list.


Deb said…
Here's a recap of the last few days. Not filled with cheer, I'm afraid to say. You should be able to find a good new laptop at a good price. I am putting off replacing mine for a few months.

I think holiday cheer should start early in the morning ;-)
Collin Kelley said…
Drinking in the morning!'s happy hour somewhere on Earth. :)
Jim K. said…
I'm just getting sluggish after
3 yrs. I need a registry cleaner.

Confession: I take a carpet knife,
furl and 'feather' the open side
of every chapbook. Turns paging misery into joy.
Maya Ganesan said…
Today's been a not-so-good day. It doesn't feel like the holidays are, at least. Yes, we've got the Christmas tree up and all, but I've been going to bed late each night, worn out, and I'm waking in the morning with no energy whatsoever.

Downstairs we have a large family computer - and upstairs I have my laptop, from which I'm typing now. Our "downstairs" computer's having problems with the keys on the keyboard. For some reason I have to type the same key over and over to finally get it to type once on the screen.

And today, I've so much to do, yet I skip it all, pass it over as if it's not there, and I decide to chill out. :) I shouldn't, I know, and I've not blogged in some time, either, so I'm all-around busy.

I'm thinking maybe tomorrow - or if I can do today - I'll get around to blogging. I have not too many confessions to make, seeing as my days are mostly poems, poems, poems, but I do have some interesting things happening with my writing. I'll blog about it sometime soon.
Just ask Santa for a new laptop. What's Christmas for, anyway? Well, maybe not...anyway, I have confessed.
January said…
At this point it's not a question of if but when will Santa bring that laptop!

Looking forward to reading your confessions.
January said…
Maya, I wish my days were filled with poems poems poems but I'm feeling a little blocked right now. But I hope to write my way through it.

Hope today is much better than yesterday. Get some rest!
January said…
Collin, Deb -- I like the way you think!
Radish King said…
Confession: Instead of whipping my own cream as per usual, I bought Redi-Whip™ in the can and squirted it on my morning coffee right off the bat, then had pie for breakfast and squirted it on the pie, then had pie again and was curious to see just how much Redi-Whip™ a piece of pie could hold (a lot) and did the same thing Friday morning. I had so much fun with it that I wanted to hide the can.
Odessa said…
oh, so sorry to hear about your laptop. mine is dying a slow death, it blanks out at random moments but i can't afford a new one right now so i'll stick with it for as long as it lasts.

confessions: i ate too much during thanksgiving weekend that i had a stomache, my body is not used to eating too much food. i spent 22+ hours on the road driving to san Diego and back that at one point my cousin and i were ready to kill each other because we were both irritable and hungry. i was so sad to leave San Diego and its 75 degree weather that i *almost* decided to move there next year.

yay for you getting most of your shopping done! i haven't even bought anything on my list yet.
Catherine said…
I hope you do get everything backed up before your laptop dies completely. I lost stuff last time I had a computer die on me because my last backup was a few months old (which reminds me I must do another backup, I backup to a separate hard drive as backing up to a CD just isn't sufficient any more with all the photos I've got).
I prefer to write poems with pen and paper first though.
November 30 is too early for a Christmas tree here if it's a real one - it gets to be too much of a fire hazard drying out in the heat. Usually they hit the streets (sold by service groups like Rotary) a week or two before Christmas. But here's a confession - we use an artificial one these days.
Stephanie said…
I had a similar problem with my laptop a couple years ago. The LCD screen "burnt out." If it is under warranty, they will replace it for free.

Good luck!

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