Confession Tuesday

You're either in or you're out? Which is it?


No better time to blog than the evenings when the house is quiet.

It's been go go go this past weekend, but Saturday I was able to sneak away for a little "me" time to write. The alone time gave me a chance to finish a poem I've been struggling with for more than a week (without my laptop, I might add). Yes, I'm referring to the potty poem. Also had the chance to write out my December to-do's and think about a list for the New Year—I'll post the lists this week.


The potty poem took a week to write because my laptop is down. Turns out to be the monitor light, which is good because I contemplated buying a new one. Bah-humbug!

Writing that poem was a real test of will. Since I started it on a laptop, I felt I had to finish it on a computer. I worked on my husband's computer at odd hours, which didn't allow me to get into any rhythm. But I really felt like I had to stick with the poem, and because I did, I feel other poems brimming under the surface. Haven't felt like that since April.


Despite the sagging economy, I do go to Starbucks a lot, mainly to catch my breath. And I don't even like coffee! I try to go every week to the same location where the college kids hang out. The staff knows me, and while it's never too crowded, time of day is everything. I enjoy writing with noise in the background, but I don't eavesdrop. I prefer writing while listening to iTunes.

I can write in any Starbucks, or any coffee shop for that matter; I have difficult time writing at the library—too quiet.


Just finished an article for RWP. That will post in a day or two. I'm pooped!

Speaking of poop, an Ella/potty-training update!

Ella had breakthrough! She's been sleeping through the night wearing underwear and not a diaper. And, she pooped in the potty on Sunday!

(Sorry, was that TMI? This is the Poet Mom blog, after all!)


Odessa said…
yay for writing a new poem! and don't you love it when a poem gives birth to other poems?

and oh, feel free to share potty training adventures. this is your space after all.

no confessions for me yet, i'm half-awake but still reading blogs and updating my facebook status. hopefully i'll have one written tommorrow.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the article! It is great fun to be able to read it first. I am inspired.

Here's my quasi-confession.
Anonymous said…
Oops, that last comment was from Deb.
Goodnight, Mom said…

I loved that potty poem. I'm so proud of Ella for her accomplishments!

BTW, I go to Starbucks A LOT! Did you know that if you ask for one tea bag, you can get a venti at a tall price?

Just FYI1
Dani In NC said…
I get a special energy from writing in a public place like a coffee shop. Unfortunately, I haven't done it in a while. A new indie coffee shop opened up not too far from me and it has kind of a funky vibe. I may have to stop in there more often.

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