Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday. You know the drill!

Today, the beautiful and talented Erin Dionne and I are giving a radio interview to Magic 106.7 FM, a local Boston radio station. We'll be talking about our friendship and the writing life, and how the two have intertwined over the years. The interview will air soon, I think. Details to come.

Thanks, Robyn, for all your help.


Thanks to all who have participated in the writer’s meme. I have enjoyed reading the answers. I think the biggest surprise to me is that most of us don’t believe in writer’s block; although, we acknowledge going through periods of not writing and usually work our way out of them.


I’m back to working on “The Misery Islands,” a long poem about two small islands off the coast of Salem and Beverly, MA. I stopped working on it because it was too painful—I found myself unearthing things about my divorce that I wasn’t ready to handle. But in looking at my manuscript with fresh eyes, I need to complete the poem. Not only will the poem fit into the flow of the manuscript, it will be a step in the healing process for me. The digging begins in earnest this week.


I need to find someone with a boat to take me out to the islands so I can get a firsthand look at the islands.


This is Alex and Ella’s last week of school. Yippee! Time for me to sit down with a calendar and plan out The Summer o' Fun 2010. I need to figure out vacation plans and local trips. We’re going to squeeze out as much fun as we can over the next three months. Also have to figure out how to do it all on the cheap. One thing I’m looking forward to is entertaining more at home. Lots of impromptu parties and cookouts. The Slip ‘n Slide—not just for kids!

And ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream!


Jessie Carty said…
glad to hear you are going back to tackle the long poem. I am back to trying to work on my father poems but I am still finding it draining. They end up sounding so bitter and petty but I guess that is just where I am right now. Hopefully something fresher will come out soon!

I'm hoping to take my niece and nephew for some fun things when I see them next week :)
January said…
Jessie, I understand that bitter and petty feeling. But maybe through the process we'll be able to get past the pain and work in service to the poem. Does that make sense?

Have fun with the fam!

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