Mike Amado Memorial Series

Yesterday, I read at the Plymouth Guild for the Arts for the Mike Amado Memorial Series. It has to be one of the best readings I've had in a long time.

Co-hosts Sheila Mullen Twyman and Jack Scully.

The crowd was warm and welcoming, and the room was filled art and sculpture by local artists. Can't explain it but I was more relaxed for this reading than any I've had this year. Thanks, Jack, for all your hard work. Mike would be proud.

I was able to see a little of this historic town by visiting Plymouth Rock (yes, the rock is getting smaller) ...

And the Mayflower II.


spokenwarriorlives said…
Thank you Jan you were excellent, I got the most positive feedback from my regulars and they asked when you will be finnished with your manuscript, so we can have you back.

January said…
Thanks Jack! I really had a nice time in Plymouth. Mike would be proud.

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