Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Time to share your confessions. Tell us a little about yourself, and we promise to do the same. Don't forget to say hello to the folks doin' time in The Confessional (see sidebar).

Have you seen my video for "How to Make a Crab Cake"? Every time I see it, I want to go home and cook!


This little pendant I picked up on Saturday at the Beverly Arts Festival. It is a typewriter key from a Blackberry Hill Designs. I've been looking for an original and emblematic piece of jewelery, something that represents who I am now. This booth was the last one I came across and ended up buying a few pieces, including a few of their speciality pendants made out of recycled scrabble game tiles. Very cool.


I have an interview up at Very Like a Whale for Nic Sebastian's series on poetry and technology. Thanks Nic!


North American Review accepted a poem for the Winter 2010 issue! It will complement a review of Underlife in the same issue. How cool is that?


Alex and Ella started summer camp this week. The camp is at Babson College, where I work. Can't tell you how nice it is that they are close enough to visit.

Yesterday, the kids slept for 12 hours, from the moment they climbed into the car until 5 a.m. Bonus!! They're really having fun at camp.


Last week was non-stop, flat out, go go go! I don't think I've been this busy with po-biz since AWP Denver. I've wrapped up a few interviews and writing projects, revised poems, and submitted work for publication. Now, if I could just sit still long enough to write a poem ...

Reading Susan Rich's The Alchemist's Kitchen.


Jim Brock said…
Congrats on the publication in NAR! The editor, Vince Gotera, is an old schoolmate chum and a heck of a nice guy, in case you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him.

I know it's been crazy busy for you, but I am so pleased with your successes. I know it all can be beside the point, but sometimes these acknowledgments are all so necessary.
January said…
Thanks Jim. That means a lot coming from you.

I haven't met Vince at NAR but he was great to work with. Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the Winter issue in print.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on NAR! Not only is it exciting in itself, but a nice piece of serendipitous marketing!

Vacations are dreamy, but your kind of po-biz busyness isn't bad either. ;)
I love your blog, January! Thanks for popping by mine and your kind words.

Congratulations on your book--I look forward to reading it. In one issue of a journal, to have a poem and a review of your book---what an amazing testament to your ever-evolving, continual process.
January said…
Thanks Hannah. I'll add you to my blog roll.

The po-biz is certainly a process. It requires a lot of attention. Good thing I enjoy it!

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